Scam Prevention (cont.)

Always remember our number one rule:

Do Not Send Money to Anyone You’ve Never Met In-Person

What is the difference between a Spammer and a Scammer?

Spammers are people who send unwanted irrelevant or inappropriate messages to a large number of recipients.

Scammers are people who try to make money illegally by tricking people into sending them money.

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Here are some warning signs look out for:

➡️ Scammers will try to take your communication away from the website very quickly, by giving your their private email address or requesting yours, usually in their first message.

➡️ They use overly romantic language or write you poetry.

➡️ They like using words like “dear,” “honesty,” “trustworthy,” “destiny,” “faith,” “private email,” “I have something important to tell you,” etc.

➡️ They usually claim to live near you, but might claim to be working overseas.

➡️ They can’t wait to meet you, however, when it comes to meeting, they have excuses why the can’t make it.

➡️ They usually look very gorgeous, often using photos of models from the internet.

➡️ They will spend time with you online trying to earn your trust.

➡️ They will claim to have similar life situations as yours to bond with you more easily. For example, if you have recently suffered a loss, they will claim that they’ve also lost someone recently.

➡️ Their life story is usually very sad.

➡️ They will request money from you usually for various reasons like medical issues, travel expenses to visit you, business opportunities, or to support some sort of charity.

Stay Safe

— Never send money to anyone you meet online or share access to your financial resources!

— Never receive or resend a package or check for a stranger!

— Although there are bad people out there, there are good people out there too. Online or not.

— Always use common sense and trust your instincts! If it doesn’t feel right, there’s usually a valid reason behind that feeling.

Please REPORT all suspected spammers and scammers IMMEDIATELY using “Report user” button next to each profile photo or by using this link.

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